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Over 60 Grinders, Chippers, Flails, and Screen

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Client : Dan Gallagher Farms

Location : Manuta, Ohio

Finished On : March 2016

Value : $10,000

Remarks : Re-Furbished the Panning and Augers on 1993 Morbark 4000P Coloring Machine.


Removed the Panning and the Augers on the first level of the coloring unit, Completely replaced lower panning, new Auger Shafts, New Flighting welded on shafts, adjusted chain tension, conveyor belt, replaced spray nozzles, and replaced second level flooring with 1/4” steel.

Project Goals

Save money, repair and replace flooring and augers for better mixing and less leakage during coloring.  Saving our client money in their mulch coloring process.  This machine will now color for years to come.