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Industrial Parts/Support: Charlie Denallo

Grinder Parts/Support:Dana Campbell


Project Detail

Removed the feed wheel, mill, torque limiter, bed chains, old conveyor belts, leaking hydraulic pumps and motors, and some old hoses. The feed wheel had missing and broken teeth which we fixed and replaced. The mill was out of balance and the whole machine was shaking so we rebalanced the mill and changed the hammer pattern for better production. The torque limiter bearings were seized up so we dissembled and replaced/rebuilt the bearings and the entire torque limiter. All of the bearings on the machine were old and hadn’t been greased in some time so as a result we replaced all of them. Bed chains were worn out and stretched, we removed them inspected them and were able to salvage some of them prior to re-installation. The belly conveyor was torn and needed replaced, we put in a brand new one and fixed the skirting. Most of the hydraulic pumps and motors were leaking so as a result we broke them down inspected and resealed them as well as some of the valve banks. There was quite a bit of fab work that also needed done. We re skinned the feed table floor, cut out and replaced the feed table walls, and widened the sprockets on the feed chain pulley.


Client : Tarter Gates

Location : Liberty, KY


Remarks : Sawmill operation, electrical grinder was in desperate need of a rebuild and had been down for some time. Goal was to tear down and rebuild the machine as quickly as possible to get the plant back up and running.