Erichar Inc. Authorized Dealer Distributor for CMC Mulch Colorants

Due to our unique milling process and patented milling design CMC Colorants adhere and absorb into ground materials better than any colorant on the market.  They will hold their color and look brighter longer than our competition.

CMC’s Mulch Colorants offer customers consistency, quality, and dependability. We understand our customer’s desire for vibrant rich colors that evenly coat your products. Our quality testing lab ensures that color strength does not fluctuate by more than 3% on every single batch. With our superior knowledge in pigment suspension in liquid, CMC’s colorants require little to no mixing prior to coating.

We offer two lines of colorants to our customers that can dye wood, greenwaste, palm, and many other emerging landscape materials on the market. Our colorants are available in plastic totes up to 3500 pounds, depending on the color, or 55 gallon drums. Small sample pails are available upon request for testing our colorant with your materials. You can see for yourself the superior quality of CMC Mulch Colorants.
Call us today for sample bags, sample Pails, Drums, or Totes.